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2014 Season

Tony's Tavern vs. Rice

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2013 Texas A&M Fall Classic Tourney Champs

3rd row: Reid Singleton, Sam Shainsky, Taylor Clagett, Jason French, Nate Daniels, Bobby Jee, David Bumby, Andy Blahut, Nate Grady, Kyle Horine, Stuart Grady
2nd Row: Jimmy Constable, Michael Pascoe, Eric Markeloff, Lucas Moss, Tim Glass                              1st Row:Ernie Valeunzuela, Diego Valnezuela


2012 Graham Gill Memorial Tourney Champs

3rd row: Ernie Gill, Ethan LeCuyer, Blake Stoker, Tim Glass, Joe Mills, Matt Shearer, Sam Shainsky, Andy Blahut, Nate Daniels, Lucas Moss, Gill Family members
2nd Row: Steve Guterman, Bobby Jee, Will Rumsey, Brandon Stowe, Rob Bauer, Eric Markeloff          1st Row:Ernie Valeunzuela, Diego Valnezuela


2012 GCIT Champs

2nd row: Blake Stoker, Jimmy Constable, Sam Shainsky, Nate Daniels, Joe Mills, Will Rumsey, Scott Hutchinson, Jason French, Nate Grady, Eric Markeloff, Brian Cepelak
1st Row: JP Yorro, Steve Guterman, Dana Lasher, Bobby Jee, Ken Kneisly, Colin Linggo, Tim Loveless, Drew Prochaska


2011 GCIT Champs

2nd row: Brandon Stowe, Kyle Nelms, Tim Loveless, Andy Woodman, Joe Mills, Nate Daniels, Jason French, Scott Hutchinson, Nate Corwin, Colin Liinggo, Tim Glass, Jimmy Constable
1st Row: Luke the dog, John Dolny, Lucas Moss, Ernie Valenzuela, Jeff Mazzolini, Bobby Jee, Eric Markeloff, Diego Valenzuela, Steve Guterman, Blake Stoker, Drew Prochaska


2011 Mardi Gras Lacrosse Champs

2nd row: Eric Markeloff, Nick Reinsvold, Scott Hutchinson, Nate Daniels, Andy Woodman, Steve Belford, Dan Gnazzo, Andy Blahut, Joe Wojciechowski
1st Row: Diego Valenzuela, Steve Guterman, Jeff Mazzolini, Bobby Jee*, John Dolny, Colin Linggo, Ernie Valenzuela


2009 GCIT Champs

2nd row: Andy Krebs, Brad Hickenlooper, Tim Glass, Kyle Nelms, Brandon Stowe, Dexter Spriggs, Nate Daniels, Brad Cook, Eric Markeloff, Colin Linggo, Josh Long
1st Row: Rene Kozarsky, Tim Loveless, Mikey Isaccson, Bobby Jee, Reid Singleton, Blake Stoker,   Ken Kneisly, Matt Ippolito


2007 GCLA Champs

3rd row: Tim Glass, Cole Nowak, Brad Cook, Kyle Nelms,  John Mitchell,, Nate Daniels, Dexter Spriggs, Matt Walton, Mike Shearer, Justin Hill, Colin Gittings
2nd Row: Joel Hill, Jeff Mazzolini,Matt Shearer, Bobby Jee, Brandon Stowe, Eric Markeloff,Blake Stoker
1st Row: Rene Kozarsky



Back row: Tim Glass, John Rose, Roy Nichols, Nathan Daniels, Joe Wilt, Joel HIll
3rd Row: Dexter Spriggs, Jeff Mazzolini, Blake Stoker, Cole Nowak, Matt Shearer, Coling Gittings
2nd Row: Matt Walton, Bobby Jee*, Tom Laing, Jimmy Constable, Justin HIll, Mike Shearer
Front Row: Mikey Issacson, Rene Kozarsky, Chris Wilkie

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